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Minneapolis MN



Katie Awake
Soul Coach
Global Somatics TM Practitioner
Energy Reader and Healer
Yoga Teacher
Digital e-course creator

I'm so glad you found me! Through my New Paradigm Health Program we take a spiritually accelerated trip beyond traditional development, deep dive into soul level healing, and embolden you to prosperity in happiness, love and career. Message me today to find out if I'm the right energy healer and coach for you - I am currently taking new 1:1 clients. I offer 3 tiers of packages for 12 months, 6 months or 90 day trial. The time commitment, and investment, are the gates to step through into your spiritual and physical transformation. 

I empower empathic teens and adults to dissolve limiting programming, attain spiritual autonomy and manifest their dreams. 

Sessions include:

  • Inner child and soul level healing

  • Guided meditation journeys

  • Somatic Shamanic healing

  • Breakout coaching

  • Reiki energy medicine

  • Intuitive nutrition guidance & cleanses

  • Bach flower essence remedies

My clients are on spiritual paths of self-development, and quite often they feel they have maxed out with past physical or mental health care. They are looking for a more intuitive way of being. I can guide you in accessing your own consciousness to heal yourself - meaning you are already whole! You already have everything you need to fulfil your mission on the planet! Sometimes we need a reminder! If you are feeling the call to work with me let's start with a chit chat.

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